Lorde emerged onto the music scene a bright-eyed yet clued in 16 year old back in 2013 with ‘Royals’. Now she’s back with her sophomore album, Melodrama, and despite me thinking I couldn’t possibly love her or her music more, I’ve been constantly surprised since the release of initial single, ‘Green Light’ back in March. Whilst her debut Pure Heroine was beautiful and one of my favourite albums of all time, Melodrama encompasses all that its predecessor brought and more. It’s a stunning combination of brutally honest lyrics and haunting harmonies that made me fall back in love with Lorde all over again. 

Melodrama is an undeniably versatile album- it has the piano-driven, raw numbers like ‘Liability‘s striking lament over been a bit too much for everyone and ‘Writer In The Dark’, but they sit perfectly comfortably next to the more euphoric, upbeat songs like ‘Perfect Places‘. I think the reason they somehow mesh so perfectly together despite being vastly different styles is the talent Lorde has for creating music that all evoke the same feelings and vibe. Melodrama does this irrevocably. It somehow encapsulates everything from freedom and undiluted happiness to passion to uncertainty and heartbreak. 

It still has those echoes of Pure Heroine of course- both albums to me stir up a nostalgia for things that are yet to even happen and it’s magical. Four years later, it’s even more powerful, and even more intense. It’s so intimate and personal- listening to it feels like you’re experiencing the things Lorde is experiencing and it’s so intelligently done that I am frequently left in awe. Her latest offering really showcases how much she has grown musically whilst still not losing what makes her her. It would have been easy for Lorde to make an album that was somewhat generic and still have it sell well, but she’s made an album that has uniqueness shining through pretty much every song whilst embracing pop music still and it’s all the more successful for it. 

My personal favourites on the album are ‘The Louvre’- an dreamy, reflective ode to a love that could be hung up ‘in the Louvre. Down the back, but who cares- still the Louvre.’ It’s both personal yet public at the same time and the combination creates a catchy yet engrossing song. ‘Supercut’ is another favourite, as well as ‘Perfect Places‘, a love letter to party culture and though quite dark, it’s deeply reminiscent of that freedom of just being happy and carefree around some of your best friends, yet still really reflective and thoughtful. Lorde cleverly intertwines insightful and introspective lyrics, albeit sometimes moody and beats that will make you want to dance throughout the entire 41 minutes of the album. Personally, the intricacy and intellect of Lorde’s lyrics are what secures her as one of the most influential artists at the moment. She’s very much a vocal piece for a generation of experiences and her lyrics allow her to explore a fragile period of growth and discovery and the way in which she articulates this truly is the key to her being such a powerful musician. Also, it helps that every song has about 7 Instagram worthy captions each- enough to keep everyone covered till the next album. 

My only fault of Melodrama is that it’s only eleven songs. The rest are so beautifully fearless yet self aware that I could really do with another album right about now. Nevertheless, if album 3 is as phenomenal as Melodrama, I’d wait another 4 years and more. God knows I won’t stop listening to it until then. 

You can find Melodrama on Apple Music and Spotify now as well as other music platforms, and you can also catch Lorde on her world tour over the next year!

Neive x