As soon as the sun makes an appearance and temperatures rise above 10 degrees, you can count on thousands of music lovers cracking open Spotify or Apple Music and creating a playlist dedicated to every song made for the summer months. These past few weeks have blessed us with some beautifully summery tunes, so here’s a few to help you expand past ‘T-Shirt Weather’ on repeat for the next 4 months. 

Will Joseph Cook – Sweet Dreamer

19 year-old Will released his debut album in April, and already it has become a go-to album for the minute the sun slides from under the clouds. It’s bristling with sun-drenched indie pop and has the sort of vibe that almost forces you to get up and dance along. Undeniably diverse, Sweet Dreamer somehow manages to take some really emotional lyrics that in any other situation would most likely make you tear up and turn them into infectiously feel-good songs. Although the album does mellow out and has some more stripped-back, raw songs on there that really showcase Cook’s vocal abilities- specifically ‘Water’s Gone Cold‘, the majority of it is the perfect upbeat background for dancing around in the sun with an ice cream and not a care in the world. My personal favourites are ‘Treat Me Like A Lover’, ‘Habit’ and ‘Alive’. It’s an album that screams summer and solidified Will Joseph Cook’s position as one of the best up and coming artist’s at the moment- it couldn’t not make the list. 

Clean Cut Kid – Felt

Fresh from of a support slot touring with The Kooks, and just embarking on their own headline tour, Liverpudlian four-piece Clean Cut Kid dropped their debut album Felt last week with perfect timing to make it onto summery playlists. A autobiographical concept album citing influences from The Beatles and Fleetwood Mac, Felt is a really sonically cohesive, heartfelt album that flawlessly blends borderline cliché lyrics with funky guitar riffs to create a truly beautiful album. It’s one that deserves to be listened to from start to finish and is perfect for perhaps a more chilled summer day; whilst Will Joseph Cook’s offering makes me want to dance and dance and dance some more, this makes me want to lay back in the heat and relax with this as a soundtrack. The highlights are definitely ‘We Used To Be In Love’, ‘Leaving You Behind’ and ‘Make Believe’. 

Anteros – Drunk EP

Back in April, the wonderful Anteros released a four track EP, Drunk, and it certainly lives up to and even surpasses their earlier release, the Breakfast EP. Though this EP doesn’t neccesarily ooze summer and sunshine quite so fervently as the earlier selections, for me it has just the right sound for a perhaps more attitude filled summer. The first song on the EP, ‘Drunk‘ slams into you with a thrashing guitar and crash of drama simultaneously- you can almost invisage yourself strutting to the beat as you listen to it. The EP is quite a mixed bag, as it moves from the deum heavy ‘Cherry Drop’ and slows down on the much more melancholic ‘High, Goodbye’. One thing is for sure though, it never loses the consistent attitude that makes Anteros Anteros. You’ll definitely want to be donning your heart shaped sunglasses for this one- it’s that sort of summer soundtrack.

Aside from those three selections, honourable mentions go to albums that will be coming this summer from the dreamy indie pop trio LANY as well as a highly anticipated debut album from the one and only Declan McKenna- you’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for both as they’re sure to be the perfect accompaniments to sunny days and nights. 

Neive x