Amber Run are a band that I discovered when their song ‘I Found‘ was played in the background of a Teen Wolf episode back in 2015. They’ve since released two albums, their sophomore offering having just come out on the 10th February and these past few weeks I was lucky enough to see them on their biggest headline tour to date. 
With support from Meadowlark and Island, two very good, chilled bands I’d never heard of before, Amber Run took to the stage of Leeds University Union to a few cheers- this is not representative of their fans but the crowd for this particular night of the tour seemed effectively dead. This was not necessarily a bad thing, although frontman Joe did seem slightly exasperated at the lack of response the crowd provided at times (me and my friends tried to make up for that by being over enthusiastic though, don’t worry). They opened their set with ‘Spark‘, a song from their debut album, 5AM. From the get-go, you could tell that this band were certainly not lacking in talent- the boy can sing and so can his band members, as well as play their instruments well too. 
Frequently throughout their set, they paused to speak to the crowd, something that I haven’t seen in many bands lately- it’s usually a lot more focused on song after song but this time it was different. As a crowd we were told a brief story of how the band at one point had thought that they would never tour again, and it’s more than safe to say I have never known a band so humbled and grateful for the chance to be up on that stage. It was actually really nice to see and hear and made it all the more magical. 
The band’s set was a good combination of songs of their super successful first album and their latest offering, For A Moment, I Was Lost. Although not the most responsive of crowds, it has to be said that they did sing every word for some of their more popular songs, such as ‘Heaven‘, which was actually the highlight of their set for me. It was angelic, as was ‘Haze‘, a purely vocal track from their second album in which their harmonies genuinely made me melt. They made it all seem effortless but a week and a half later those harmonies still have me in wonder- they sounded stunning to say the least. 
They ended the night with ‘I Found‘, their most popular, well known single, before one last song. ‘I Found’ was a beautiful song for the audience singing every word, and was one of the only parts of the night where it felt like everyone was joining in- the rest seemed to be spent with everyone in that room completely entranced by Amber Run, so much so their involvement wasn’t that great. Their final song was ‘No Answers‘, which evoked massive passion from the band to complete a really impressive set. With the lead singer thrashing about the stage and that slightly darker, more edgy tone to the song than their initial offerings, it was quite the explosive way to end the night. 
I cannot express how much Amber Run impressed me- they’re a band with such raw talent that I honestly didn’t expect; they sounded exactly like their album, which although is to be expected, isn’t necessarily the case with a lot of bands. They actually stayed afterwards with a promise to meet every person that wanted to meet them, which I think just encompasses how blessed they feel to be able to perform shows like this one after the last few years they’ve had. Genuinely appreciative and rife with talent, I would definitely consider Amber Run a band to keep an eye on. 

Amber Run’s second album For A Moment, I Was Lost is available now, and you can catch them at Dot to Dot Festival 2017. 

Neive x