This Saturday saw me seeing a truly amazing band, Sundara Karma, for a second time in just a few weeks, and god knows I’d see them all over again in a heartbeat. Packed with energy, style and lots of talent of course too, Sundara Karma are all set to blow up in 2017. The release of their debut album, Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect this January has seen them embark on their first headline tour of the new year, and it did not disappoint. 
The support acts this time were Palm Honey and Will Joseph Cook. Despite my bitterness at the fact The Night Café and Blaenavon were not supporting at my date of the tour, I love the few songs of Will Joseph Cook’s I have heard and if anything seeing his set only made me want to listen to more. He has a really good stage presence and his songs are perfect live because of how suited they are for dancing and singing along (much like Sundara’s songs!). I really did enjoy his set, and it seems the other members of the crowd did too, as a lot seemed to know the words. My personal favourite song was ‘Take Me Dancing‘ but I having seen it live now I really love ‘Beach‘. He is definitely one to watch for this next year, with a debut album out this April too!
Amidst several large balloons that created around about a 1,000 people game of volleyball, Oscar, Dom, Ally and Haydn came on stage half bound in flares and picking up glitter covered guitars to ‘Hollaback Girl‘- I think from that point onwards, we could all tell this show was going to be nothing short of iconic. They opened their set with perhaps their most popular single, ‘A Young Understanding‘ and the crowd were hyped from that point onwards till the very end. Even someone that wasn’t necessarily a Sundara fan cannot deny that frontman Oscar Pollock just oozes stage presence and confidence and the crowd mirrored him in effortlessly dancing around without a care. 
Although Sundara Karma have only been on the music scene notably for a matter of years, their fans are not restricted to just teenagers. There were, admittedly, the glitter-clad super-excited younger crowd you’d expect (I definitely fit into the super-excited part), but they were joined by an abundance of slightly older fans too who also knew every word. Clearly, Sundara Karma are really starting to charm quite the wide audience, and they all lapped up every hit they performed, singing back every word to an earlier favourite, ‘Flame‘, as well as some of their brand new songs from their album, like ‘Lose The Feeling‘. The energy in Leeds’ Stylus venue was palpable and never once dropped from the excitement of a massive group of extra happy and content teens. 
There were a few highlights of the night for me, one of them being finally getting to here my favourite song by them, and one of my favourite songs in general, ‘Vivienne‘. As you can tell from my videos in which I’m leaning more towards screeching than singing, I really enjoyed that part and like almost every other person in there, put my heart into singing and dancing along. Another highlight was when they performed their super-catchy ‘She Said‘, where everyone took the lyric “I kinda wanna go out dancing” literally, and danced the song away. It was a very magical moment to say the least. 

Selling out their biggest headline tour to date is no big feat, but Sundara Karma somehow made it seem effortless as they performed against that sparkly psychedelic backdrop like they’d been doing it their whole lives- which I guess they have been for a significant chunk of it anyway. The combination of Oscar’s unique vocals, sunshiney guitars and the ability to near enough hypnotise the audience to be under their spell was clearly a recipe for success. I’m glad that I managed to catch them live at this point because no doubt it is only onwards and upwards for the quartet that have taken the indie music scene by storm and inarguably will continue to do so. 
Sundara Karma’s debut album, Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect is available to buy now. 

Neive x