Last Friday, one of my absolute favourite bands, Circa Waves, opened a new venue in Leeds- The Church. I managed to get tickets, and I am so glad I did because it was genuinely one of the best gigs I’ve been to this year!

With it being the opening of the venue, they ended up opening the doors nearly an hour late (I’m now suffering death by cold unfortunately from waiting outside) but thankfully, it was worth it 100%. The support act, Atlanta House, were a band that I’d never listened to before but I was thoroughly impressed! I’ve listened to their song ‘Girls Like You‘ on repeat since, and I’d definitely recommend giving them a listen. 
We were quite lucky in that we ended up a few rows from the stage initially. Circa Waves opened with ‘Get Away’, and though looking around before it started we were fully expecting a relatively dead crowd, as soon as it started that was completely changed; it was literally electric from the moment they walked on stage. It was such an energetic crowd, and it was genuinely full of people who knew every word which I love. 

Talking Out Loud’ was a favourite of mine, and ‘Lost It’ was mad too, as you can probably see from videos the band reposted on Twitter. The band themselves were so full of life, and considering this was the penultimate show for them for a while, they really put their all into it. Without sounding utterly cringey, they have majorly positive vibes so it was a very happy show. Because it was in a literal church (is gigging in a church a sin?), it felt intimate almost and was a really interesting to say the least- it’s the first time I’ve ever had a gig in a church. A talent of Circa Waves that I picked up on too was that despite it being mid October and unbelievably cold outside, they instantly made me feel like it was summer as we were all ‘singing our lungs out’ (just not in the backseat together. there were a lot of people, it’d have been a bit of a squish.) and launching ourselves into pits. It was honestly wonderful. 

Fossils’ was another highlight for me, and of course ‘T-Shirt Weather’– the band’s most well known song and their last one of the night. If I hadn’t been in the pit for that, I would’ve really missed out as they were especially good at that point; there’s just something special about jumping around with a load of strangers who all love the same music as you. 

All in all, it was an amazing night and I’d love to do it all over again. Unfortunately they haven’t anymore gigs coming up, but they did promise they’d be back soon, so if you’re interested in seeing them I’d keep an eye out next year and go because it was a really good experience! 

Neive x