DISCLAIMER: this post was originally written for my blog on another site in april- please overlook any parts that seem a bit off because it was written before their album was released etc.

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to go see one of my absolute favourite bands, Catfish and the Bottlemen, on their pre-album release tour of the uk. It’s fair to say they didn’t disappoint. 

I’ve been waiting to see the band for a long time- I discovered them in late 2014 and from then onwards I have absolutely loved their music. Unfortunately i was unable to see them before this tour but after over a year of waiting, I managed to get tickets! The past two months since have been me excitedly but nervously waiting. 
The crowd was honestly electric from just the support act- a band called Them Things. If I’m being honest they were okay, but not exactly brilliant. Not long after, catfish were coming on and you could sense the excitement instantaneously as the light dimmed. From the opening notes of ‘Homesick‘ the crowd was screaming every word back to frontman Van, who had complete control of them. As far as frontmen go, Van, in my opinion, is a brilliant one- he knows exactly what he’s doing and it’s evident from the start. As well as that, his frequent thank you’s show his apparent humbleness at such a turn out as this one- the band sold out the venue within minutes, and Van and the boys were clearly chuffed with it. 
From ‘Homesick‘ they progressed straight into one of their most popular, well known songs, ‘Kathleen‘, which was also wonderful. From there, we were treated to their latest- ‘Soundcheck‘, in which Van didn’t even have to sing the first verse, not that he really had to sing all night with that crowd. My personal favourites from the night were ‘Sidewinder‘, ‘Cocoon‘ and ‘7′, a song from their upcoming album. ‘Hourglass‘ was a definite crowd favourite- Van McCann looking borderline angelic with the white stage lights behind him by serenading a few thousand people can’t not be a crowd pleaser really. 

As a band, they really are talented, and just as good live as they are recorded. some of the guitar solos from Bondy and Benji were immense, as was Bob’s drumming. Of course the vocals were extremely good too!! it’s fair to say I lost my hearing slightly afterwards but it was worth it for such a brilliantly atmospheric gig. Despite missing some of it because I was a bit too overexcited and threw up, I managed to enjoy it nevertheless and cannot wait for the next tour!

you can pre-order catfish and the bottlemen’s upcoming sophomore album ‘the ride’ now, out may 27th. 

neive x